The Story Behind The Story
The award-winning Legends of Graham Mansion series was the dream of Mary Lin Brewer. After almost a decade of hearing countless stories about the Major Graham Mansion property from descendants of the Graham and Baker families, neighbors, historians, and friends, Mary Lin longed for the creation of a series of books that would give a fictionalized look at the property’s long history. Sometimes, history doesn’t tell a good story and she wanted something written that would entertain and encourage people to want to learn more. She had the idea for a central heroine of the series and that this young character would travel through time to discover the mysteries and secrets from the lives of the many generations who had lived on the property. But her strengths were not in creative writing, she was more of a researcher by nature. So she found a writer who could spin a yarn and create a world and story around her idea. She found a kindred spirit who could make the history interesting. That writer was Rosa Lee Jude. A collaboration was soon formed. Mary Lin would provide the research, history and access to the property, and Rosa Lee would help bring Mary Lin’s dream to life and add a few dreams of her own.  

The Legends of Graham Mansion five-book series is a work of historical fiction. History has been used in the creation of this story, but the majority of what will be found within these pages is pure fiction, a speculative look at what might have occurred. The authors have endeavored to be true to the time period and respectful to those real persons who are fictionally portrayed. The story also has the twist of time travel and a glimmer of paranormal. The later aspects are due, in part, to some of the accounts that the many ghost hunters, clairvoyants, and paranormal experts have relayed to Mary Lin in recent years.

REDEMPTION is the first award-winning installment of the Legends of Graham Mansion series. Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand or control, Grae White discovers the truth behind the tragedy of Joseph Baker's 200-year-old murder. Along the way, she learns about history, happiness, and heartache in the lives of those who lived on the Graham Mansion property long ago, including her own family. It is these secrets and more that lead Grae to further explore the legends of Graham Mansion.

is Book Two of the Legends of Graham Mansion series. Join Grae for her second incredible journey back in time as she meets young Squire David Graham, the brilliant and dashing Graham Mansion patriarch. Follow Grae as she witnesses the heart-breaking tragedy that transforms Squire David's ambition to succeed into a darkness that will haunt him the rest of his life.

is Book Three of the Legends of Graham Mansion series. Grae White’s third journey takes her to 1859 as the Graham Mansion is occupied by its first master and mistress, David and Martha Graham. David’s suspicions regarding Grae’s identity only add to the shadow of truth that lingers in this household. Even more ambitiously driven than Grae’s previous encounter with him, David also controls the image that his family portrays to the community. That proves difficult with a wife who brought riches and questionable mental health to the relationship.    But Martha Graham is not quite as unstable as David might believe. She has her own agenda in the relationship and reveals to Grae why her deception has a price that her controlling husband will have to pay. As you travel with Grae on her latest twist through time, you will learn the unexpected truths and question the haunting mysteries that will propel her to further explore the Legends of Graham Mansion.

SALVATION is Book Four of the Legends of Graham Mansion series. Where does the past stop and the present begin? During Grae White’s fourth adventure, she discovers there are more twists and turns in the lives of the Graham family and her own than she ever dreamed. Will the power of forgiveness be the salvation that both families are searching for? The where abouts of an old friend is but one of the surprises Grae discovers along the way as she and her research partner seek to unravel the long-forgotten mysteries hidden throughout the Graham Mansion. This journey takes Grae to the heart of the Civil War where she suddenly finds the realities of the past threatening to wipe out her own existence in the present. As her true identity is called into question, Grae will find herself face-to-face with the one person who stands to lose the most if the truth is revealed.

is fifth and final book of the Legends of Graham Mansion series. Join Grae as the epic revelations buried deep within Graham Mansion’s walls and residents both explain and threaten her very existence. Grae’s personal safety is in jeopardy as she attempts to discover how to free herself and her dear friend, The General, from the iron grip of the past. As she learns his true identity, Grae is further spiraled into the depths of mystery that surround the Graham family. Who can help her? It will take a force more powerful than Grae ever imagined to break the bonds of time. As Grae introduces the past to the present, she realizes that everything she has experienced on her four time travel journeys has been preparing her to face the toughest challenge of her young life. Does she have the inner strength to call upon the power of truth to release herself and her loved ones from the chains of the past? As you travel with Grae for the final time, you will learn the unexpected truths and question the haunting mysteries that are the Legends of Graham Mansion   

Major Graham Mansion is a very real place. It is located in Wythe County in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, just a few miles from the historic Great Wagon Road and the New River as well as modern-day interstates I-77 and I-81. The property has been owned, renovated, and maintained for over twenty years by Virginia native, Josiah Cephas Weaver. The Mansion is open seasonally for a variety of special events, haunted history tours, paranormal investigations, and the widely popular, Haunted Graham Mansion™ each fall.

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